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our history

Establishment Of The Church

In 1904/5 Wales experienced an out break of Revival, which had tremendous effects on many parts of the British Isles. This was followed by a MIGHTY VISITATION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, which fell simultaneously on many parts of the world, during which many received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with signs following.

The purpose of The Apostolic Church (hereinafter also referred to as “The Church”) shall be:

  1.  The preaching of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ according to the Holy Scriptures as originally written.
  2. The teaching of the Scriptures conformable to our understanding of the same as set out in this Constitution.
  3.  The publication of authoritative books, treatises, tracts and magazines, promulgating the Gospel of Christ and the beliefs and practices of the Church.
  4.  The forming and establishing of Churches in North America
  5. The exposition of the particular beliefs of the Church to other groups of Christian believers as requested by them either as individual Churches or organized movements, and on their acceptance of such teachings and their signified desire, then they are admitted to the Fellowship of The Apostolic Church
  6. The establishing and governing of such Churches according to the Constitution and ensuring that all ministers are duly ordained according to the Principles and Practices of the Church; that their business meetings are constitutionally called, held and governed, and their decisions registered, recorded and reported and as provided in this Constitution and that public worship and services are held and controlled constitutionally; and that no false doctrines are allowed to be proclaimed or practiced.
  7.  The organization and promotion of Christian Education, Social, Health, and Relief Services among members and the community in general.
  8. The promotion and furtherance of good relations between the Church and other Christian organizations.
What we do

Keeping Our Church Running Smoothly