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Celebration of the 80th Anniversary of

The Apostolic Church-Ghana

Theme: “Christ Our Consistent Companion”- Phil 1:6.




 Monday-September 7

 Introduction of the Theme

 Phil 1:6

 Tuesday-September 8

Discussion-History of the National Body

 Mat. 16:16-18

 Wednesday-September 9

 Discussion-History of the U.S. A. Area

Mat. 16:16-18

 Thursday-September 10

 Teachings on the Tenets/Rules of Belief/Rules of Conduct

 2 Tim. 3:14-17

 Friday- September 11

Prayer for God’s Sustainability of the church for the years ahead

 Lev. 26:3-13; Psalm 23:1-6

 Saturday-September 12

 Musical Performances by various musical groups and movements


 Sunday-September 13

 Climax: “Christ Our Consistent Companion”

Phil 1:6

  • On the Tuesday and Wednesday, the presentation and discussion should portray how Jesus Christ as the One Who owns the Church and is building it (Matt 16:16-18).

  • Also, on Tuesday and Wednesday, time should be allotted for Q&A

  • The Thursday teachings could either be on the Tenets or Rules of Belief or Rules of Conduct. The idea is to encourage greater commitment from all members of the church and to promote our core values as a Church.

  • On Saturday, those who have contributed to the Area and their respective district can be honored.

  • Sunday, all members shall put on the anniversary cloth.



Pictures from 2015 National Easter convention Click below